Document Insights

From documents to data-driven insights

Critical challenges in document-based workflows

Hidden data

85% of the data organizations work with exists in unstructured documents and cannot be used directly for business processes.

Manual Extraction

Manual extraction of data from documents is error-prone, slow, costly, and does not scale to large volumes of data.

Software Solutions

Solutions to automatically extract data using artificial intelligence are expensive, complex, and often require technical expertise.

AI-based document analysis for everyone

With Document Insights, extract the data from your documents without starting an IT project or hiring experts. Leverage our easy-to-use SaaS solution and give all your employees easy access to machine learning technology. Extract and leverage data from Word or PDF documents of all types, achieve high precision through our machine learning approach.

Your advantages



Document Insights simplifies the process of analyzing documents, significantly reducing the amount of manual work.


Flexible use

You can train our software for your specific use cases in a very short time and thus cover all areas of your business.


Data treasure

Until now, companies have not made full use of their data. We lift their data treasures and make them accessible. This enables you to increase efficiency or create new business areas.


Low entry hurdle

We make the ability to analyze documents usable for everyone! We offer our SaaS solution at a reasonable price: Billing is based on frequency of use and is absolutely transparent.

How it works


Upload the documents you want to extract data from.


Mark and name the data points you need in the document.


Train our extraction model by confirming or correcting suggestions.


Export the data in XLS or XML format and use it for your evaluation.


Extract all data

Our product supports all documents and all data types. It can be used regardless of a business domain, language or document structure. Texts, numbers or names - everything you can mark in the document will be recognized.


Train without effort

Our machine teaching approach generates suggestions after just a few trained documents, which you only need to confirm or correct. If you are satisfied with the extraction quality, you can extract the rest of the data automatically.

Achieve up to 99% accuracy

Achieve high extraction accuracy after just a short training period. Document Insights efficiently guides you through the training needed for your precision. Decide on training effort and precision at any time.

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